Flat Out, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, London. 2019



A new comedy set in a crumbling block of South Kensington flats overrun by mice and scheming property developers. Throw into the mix a cross-dressing neighbour and an overzealous cleaner to set up a
perfect scenario for a modern day tale of adultery and mistaken identities.


Stuart Simons is outstanding and steals the show in parts as the fabulous cross-dressing banker Hugh, with his effeminate preening and pouting. He is a tall man and with his red dress, blonde wig and the five-inch, Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes he towers above everyone and is simply hilarious. The audience loved it and he played along to us superbly’ – Sardinesmagazine.co.uk

Fast-paced and excellently cast and performed, it deals with a wide range of modern topics, including Brexit, tube strikes, sexual morality, scheming, unscrupulous estate agents, east European cleaners, social class, London’s housing problems and redundancy, to mention just a few’. – Camden New Journal