Whistle Down The Wind – Union Theatre, London – 2019-20




The time is the late 1950s, the place, a small village in Lancashire. Hurrying to a barn with three rescued kittens, Cathy, a schoolgirl, discovers a stranger hiding there. She recognises Him immediately as Jesus Christ and tells her sister, Nan. The next day their brother Charles also learns of their discovery. They decide to tell nobody, but gradually word spreads through the children of the village. Anxious to protect Jesus from unbelieving adults, they keep His arrival a secret and besides, most of their parents are preoccupied with news of a convict on the loose in the area. Trouble starts when the village bully, Raymond, threatens to give the game away . . . Adapted from the famous film and novel, this critically acclaimed musical will enthral audiences with its powerful and moving score and book.


Stuart Simons gets it just right at the Dad who finally sees the wonder of his children’s innocence. – London Living Large

Among the adults, Eoin McKenna stands out as the vicar, a red-headed horror who clearly has sweaty palms and is far more concerned with the theft of lead from his church that the escaped convict or any danger the children may be in, and Stuart Simons as the widower Dad who worries about his children’s safety. – Reviews Gate

Stuart Simons is perfect as the Dad: loving, protective but unapproachable, struggling to bring up three kids after the death of his wife – Musical Theatre Review

Photo Credit – Mark Senior